SOJA at the Ocean Spirit Festival in Portugal

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SOJA woke up the Ocean Spirit

It was around midnight when the North American's SOJA began the most wanted show of the night. With approximately three thousand in attendance, the band from Washington DC did not disillusion the Portuguese fans and gave the best concert of the festival up to the moment. The Ocean Spirit woke up finally.

The positive energy of SOJA's Reggae resulted in several moments when the crowd sang together, dancing and jumping in the sand. Amongst the crowd, a Jamaican flag was seen while songs about Freedom, Revolution and Rastafari were sung.

The crowd got excited during the songs Rasta Courage, True Love and Revolution Cry, some of the most famous tracks from SOJA. The band didn't forget to pay a tribute to the King of Pop Music - Michael Jackson, with a instrumental medley of Billie Jean and Thriller - a special moment for the young crowd.