Saturday night was a special night for reggae-rock music. Those of us lucky enough to live in Denver, CO were witness to several “firsts” for one of the genre’s biggest bands. Saturday was the first time reggae-rockers SOJA had ever performed an acoustic set at a record store—my personal favorite, Independent Records; it was also the band’s first performance at the historic Ogden Theatre; and, the most important “first” of them all, was that SOJA had handpicked the venue for their first live video recording with the help of No Coast TV.

For those of you not familiar with the Ogden Theatre, let me give you the quick rundown. First, the Ogden Theatre is old—it was built in 1919. Second, the theatre holds about 1,300 music lovers. Third, the theatre has recently hosted the likes of reggae-rock king’s The Dirty Heads and Pepper, as well as the Expendables and Ballyhoo!. Fourth, the Ogden Theatre is home to over 150 concerts a year and is frequently one of the top ticket selling venues in the country. Fifth, the Ogden is hands down the best indoor venue in Denver, and probably all of Colorado. Separate from all these facts, let’s just say the Ogden is an important stop in any band’s musical journey and will now go down in reggae-rock music history as “the place where SOJA recorded a live DVD.”

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