sojaJacob Hemphill writes:

Fun Times.  When i was a kid going to reggae shows with bobby and bird, if you had told me that the head sound engineer (Luciano “Where There Is Life” tour, Sizzla “Praise Ye Jah” tour, Buju Baton “Till Shiloh” tour) would be running SOJA’s sound…  No Way.  Thanks Soljie for becoming such an integral part of the team.  special thanks to Trevor Young, t rex, for joining as well.
The fans were killer, the venues were awesome, everyone in SOJA grows closer every day, and all good was all good as always.  Thanks to Elliott Harrington setting this tour up, and thanks to the fans for letting us knock it down.  all the practice before the tour paid off.
Ready for Portugal, Germany, Poland, and then back home for PUERTO RICO and some time off.
Working in the studio on the new album as I type this,
thanks to all,

Patrick Oshea writes:

East Coast Summer 2010 was, in my mind, the best SOJA headlining tour to date.  First off, we had the privilege of working with a new house engineer who we met in Germany through Gentleman- His name is Soljie- he is from Jamaica and has worked with so many reggae artists through out the years both on the road and in the studio- Another new member to our team on this run was Trevor who helped us as stage and equipment manager- his hard work made our lives so much easier and made the common goal of our mission that much smoother- putting on great shows every night.  We roll as a unit and this tour more than ever our team was real strong.
Summer tour is the best especially because of the festivals- I personally am a big fan of the All Good Festival, and this year was no exception.  While we didn’t arrive till Sunday, the day of our show, we still had a great time.  We got to hang with our friends from Rebelution who had played the day before so that was cool to catch up with them.  Also, the festivals allow you to interact with the fans and even almost go to the festival as a fan, as opposed to a show, where you just go to perform. At a festival even the artists get to have fun and enjoy the festival just like the fans do.
In case you didn’t know- we love nicknames, giving them and getting them- here are a few that were born on this trip - Mistah Q (ken), New Guy/ T-Rex (trev), Slappa Dappa (Helms), The Patriot (me)—-  I know I’m missing some here…..
Another great part about this tour was the bands we played with- We had shows with The Movement, Mambo Sauce, Groove Stain, Tribal Seeds, JBB, Black Seeds.. all great bands and great people- its cool to be out there with our boys.
The second to last show of this tour was the New Legend Music Festival in Wilmington, NC.  This was the first time we had ever organized a festival ourselves, and despite a few bumps in the road, we had a great time and it was clear the fans did as well. The venue was really sweet and we can see the potential that this festival has. If I’m not mistaken we plan on doing it again next year, and after learning from the experience this time, the festival is guaranteed to grow into something huge.
With all the good there is the bad- Whoever stole Helms iPod off the bus in Charleston, SC - you are lame- that’s not good karma. Freebird Live in Jax Beach, FL ya’ll need to screen your security people before you hire them, I’m not sure all of them are quite there in the head 100%- way too aggro. What else… enough bad!
To end on a pleasant note, I want to thank everyone on our team, including Frank our driver for getting us everywhere safely.  Movement, Mambo, And Groove Stain (ya’ll are some pranksters) we love you guys!  And last but not least all of the fans that help make all of this possible, we will see you again soon!

Hellman Escorcia writes:

Another tour, another challenge, more goals to reach.
My challenge on the east coast tour summer 2010 was first to get healthy. I made the decision to take a 2 week detox to cleanse my body.
Plus we had more shows on this tour than ever before and yes we me met our challenges and accomplished our goals.
There were some disappointments though - somebody stole my ipod touch from the tour bus in Charleston SC and its hard to believe because we like to party and share with fans after the show. At the same time i wish all the best and all the bless for all the fans and people… even those that are undeserving.
Also I want to thank all the staff that always help us to make the stay more pleasant at the venues and for all the hospitality except to Freebird (Jacksonville FL).
We spread the music in almost all the world and SOJA does not agree with fights. We have to create consciousness for all people around us… especially at all ages shows. People, fans, please help us on this. Thanks for all the support! A lot of bless!
Thanks to Seacrets in Ocean City MD for 3 shows on this tour and more special thanks to all the fans that sold out the house. For the fans that couldn’t make it see you next time!
All the best