Click “Read More…” to read what Jacob Hemphill, Hellman Escorcia, Patrick O’Shea, and Rafael Rodriguez had to say about The Diversity Tour 2010 with Gentleman!

Jacob Hemphill writes:

Diversity Tour 2010 was just that: diverse.  We (SOJA) prepared a lot pre-tour cuz we know what Gentleman brings to the live show, which is everything he’s got.  We were not disappointed.  During the tour, we became one big family, and it was very hard to say goodbye.  Luckily, we didn’t have to, cuz we decided to do SOJA Gentleman Tour 2011 in the US.  pretty pumped.  Be on the lookout for more collabos.

Hellman Escorcia writes:

Diversity Tour definitely gave SOJA a new vision for the future. We always want to do better and after this tour we have more ideas. We are blessed for what we are doing - speak the peace and the truth for all the world and we don’t miss one opportunity in this life. Evolution band… they are incredibly talented musicians and more importantly - great friends that enjoy what they are doing. Now the family is bigger in every country and every tour. Gentleman, Evolution and SOJA… we are a powerfull team. We change peoples lives with the universal language. Now we (SOJA) are preparing for the new album early 2011, touring with gentleman and evolution in USA, we keep growing stronger - diversity and evolution.

Patrick O’Shea writes:

Diversity Tour 2010-  This was probably the best touring experience I personally have had yet.  Although we had played in Europe before, we had never played these certain markets (Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain, etc..) so we were unsure what to expect.  Thankfully, we were opening the tour for Gentleman & The Evolution so the crowds were huge and energetic.  As the opening act, we had a set of about 50 minutes, so we had less than an hour to perform- but this was the perfect amount of time to get really good feedback from the audience- and they seemed to really appreciate the show.  One of the best parts about it was that we were just warming up the stage for Gentleman & The Evolution- who put on an amazing show every night.

What made this tour so special was the crew that we rolled with.  With every artist, manager, engineer, crew member included, I think there was about 25 of us.  We became sort of a big family, and you would see all these people morning day and night.  The crew was real diverse, with people from many different countries- but we all had one mission: put on great shows every night for the supportive fans- and thats exactly what we did.  It was sad when the tour came to an end, but also promising, because we plan on doing another tour with SOJA and Gentleman in early 2011, but this time we will do a national tour of the US.  Thanks again to Gentleman, The Evolution, Bushouse, and the whole crew that helped us have perhaps our most memorable tour to date. 

Rafael Rodriguez writes:

I have to say this last tour w evolution and g man had been one big
and positive x-perience. it had been the most professional tour soja
had been working. The crew was amazing and became like family by the
2nd week so it was a good working envirament. I have to thank
gentleman and the whole crew for the oportunity to know a side of the
Buisness we had not x-perience and for all the things we learn
Now soja is better and we have set new standards.
New show plan and more hard work.
Our Goal, get better and understand how can we improve as individuals
each one on its instrument to put our music in a even more
professional level.
Not only the Instruments but our whole crew.

En espanol,
Bueno este ultimo tour en europa con gentleman y evolution a sido un
exito total.  Hemos aprendido mucho y crecido como banda. Tengo q
darle las gracias a todo el crew por q a la verdad q este equipo a
sido el mas profesional con el Q e tenido el gusto de trabajar. Este
tour crea nuevas expectativas de trabajo para el futuro pues nos
sentimos mas profesionales y capaces de hacer un mejor trabajo cada
vez q tengamos la oportunidad de hacer musica para nuestro publico.

tha,tha,tha,Thats all folks

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