February 19th, 2010 Free MP3!

February 16th, 2010 SOJA, The V-Tones
City Paper

Check out this article from the Charleston where SOJA performs tonight on the local City Paper.

“When looking for reggae music within the mainstream that even comes close to the quality of the legendary Bob Marley, it can be tough to find. Reggae contains questions on life, humanity, and conflict. Soldiers of the Jah Army, better known as SOJA, come really close to meeting that criteria.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

February 2nd, 2010 Jake’s Report from the Road

the shows have been great.  we’re selling out everything.  before the tour, me and Marley talked a lot about the tour.  i mean like two years ago a lot.  as it got closer, we could feel an energy building up.  i’m glad we weren’t let down.  moreover, the fans are getting an amazing show.  it’s soja, rebelution, and zion i.  each one of the bands alone is worth the ticket price.  its like a mini festival for twenty some dollars.  badass.

theres a lot of brotherly love, crazy times, and good parties after the shows.  we always find a good excuse to have a party.  the soja bus and the rebelution bus are right next to each other.  its inevitable.

we’ve gotten the chance to get to know zumbi and amp live from zion I, as well as their boy holiday and manager tim.  all really cool guys.  holiday can sing his ass off, and he and our trumpet player rafael rodriguez finish the whole show.  its something to see.

hmm… stories, huh?  well,. i broke one of my ribs in san francisco.  ive been playing every show like that.  it sucks.  i went to the hospital and they were like “how long is your tour?”  i said “two months.  how long do these take to heal?”  they said, “two months.”  i high fived the nurse and went to play the show.  it hurt a lot at first and everyone was being really gentle around me, but i think everyone forgot by now, cuz Marley keeps giving me bear hugs on stage.

we do a song at the end of the show called the Brodeo.  it’s an outcast cover song and were talking about adding a bob Marley song at the tail end.  it rules.

me and eric sing “suffering” from BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE and bobby does “through the window.”  its tight.  the show has lot of collaboration.  me and eric went and recorded “suffering” live at MoBoogie studios in colorado.

SOJA recorded our new song “changes” in san francisco at fault line studios with our boy Yosh.  cool cat who works with Michael Franti.  the song is badass.  i wrote it a couple months ago, and then turned on the TV one morning and saw the news coverage of haiti.  its terrible.  i lived in africa and some poor neighborhoods when i was a kid, but nothing, nothing like that.  my boy is a photographer abroad and i asked him whats up.  he wasn’t there but his colleagues were and they said it looked and felt like armageddon.  we realized we had to release the song, album or single or whatever, while people were still thinking about haiti.  people are funny.  it was all over the news and now its gone.  nobody cares any more but we all did a week ago.  we are releasing the song in a few weeks, hopefully to keep the less fortunate people of this earth, our brothers and sisters, in the forefront of peoples minds. 

were giving twenty percent of Born In Babylon show sales to WFP (world food program) direct to haiti.  we also have a shirt that says “soja for haiti” and the lyrics for “changes” on the back.  we give 100% of proceeds from that.  were raising a lot of money.  it feels good, but we have to keep going.

we look forward to the future of this tour; if the first few weeks have been this good, who knows whats gonna hapen.  my only advice is that you get your tickets now, come early, and stay late.

-jacob hemphill