Before Denver’s Ogden Theatre filled up with an audience anxious to hear reggae beats and conscious lyrics, Jacob Hemphill – one of the founding members and lead singer of SOJA – was gracious enough to sit down with Inity Weekly for an exclusive interview to discuss SOJA’s new album and the messages they hope to promote.

Inity:  Congratulations on “Strength to Survive” being on the Top 40 Billboard list in Rolling Stone!

JH: Yeah, Billboard Top 40 – and it’s reggae! It’s not even party reggae.  There isn’t one party song. We were surprised. I mean, I actually knew it was going to happen.  We were so happy with the album that I kind of knew this is the time that I get to see it [on the Top 40 Billboard].  I have a copy of it on my bunk in the bus under my mattress so when I get home I can frame it.
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