sojaJacob Hemphill writes:

Fun Times.  When i was a kid going to reggae shows with bobby and bird, if you had told me that the head sound engineer (Luciano “Where There Is Life” tour, Sizzla “Praise Ye Jah” tour, Buju Baton “Till Shiloh” tour) would be running SOJA’s sound…  No Way.  Thanks Soljie for becoming such an integral part of the team.  special thanks to Trevor Young, t rex, for joining as well.
The fans were killer, the venues were awesome, everyone in SOJA grows closer every day, and all good was all good as always.  Thanks to Elliott Harrington setting this tour up, and thanks to the fans for letting us knock it down.  all the practice before the tour paid off.
Ready for Portugal, Germany, Poland, and then back home for PUERTO RICO and some time off.
Working in the studio on the new album as I type this,
thanks to all,