New Music Video “Fire In The Sky”

This morning, the 8-piece reggae supergroup SOJA shared a music video for “Fire In The Sky” – a poignant highlight from their new album ‘Poetry in Motion’, out now on ATO Records. Directed by Christopher Good (Grizzly Bear, Okkervil River), the striking clip was filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains near where the album was recorded. Watch here:

Says lead singer Jacob Hemphill: “I wrote ‘Fire In The Sky’ outside the airport in Argentina after a band member lost a family member. The song is about how beautiful it is to be alive even though all of us at times question our purpose in being here, and can be terrified by the fact that we all must leave at some point. We’re all connected, and there is a plan much bigger than any one of us. We’re all this beautiful ‘poetry in motion.’ We’re all ‘fire in the sky.'”

‘Poetry In Motion’ has earned raves everywhere from Billboard, Salon, Paste + more, and debuted at #1 on the Billboard reggae charts week of release (their fourth #1 debut to date!). Recorded at Dave Matthews Band’s studio in Charlottesville, VA, near where the band first got their start two decades ago, the new music digs deeper than ever into their message of finding peace – tackling everything from government corruption, immigrants, marriage, veteran’s rights and beyond.

The band wraps up an extensive Latin American tour next week, and will play a special hometown show at DC’s new venue The Anthem on Dec 29 ahead of their US spring run. More info at

New Single “Fire in the Sky” & Lyric Video

SOJA, the eight piece reggae supergroup, have unveiled “Fire in the Sky” – the poignant new track from their forthcoming album ‘Poetry in Motion,’ out October 27th on ATO Records. › Pre-order here

The song comes paired with a cosmically inspired, da Vinci-esque lyric video – debuted here via HuffPost, who praise its “addictive melody and lyrics that speak to you on a deeper level than you can explain…”

New Single “Bad News” & Lyric Video

There are a lot of horrible things going on in the world today. There are also a lot of great things happening but media puts the negative on blast in order to get higher ratings. From CNN to Fox – they’re all guilty. ‘Bad News’ is about saying ‘yes, things are messed up. We’ve established that. Now turn off the TV and get off the couch because it’s time to do something. It’s time to reconnect with humanity and find solutions to our problems… together. Bob Marley said, ‘to divide and rule could only tear us apart.’ No one knows that better than our world leaders. It’s time to stand up and let our voices be heard. ‘Soon we’ll find out who are the real revolutionaries.’

Thank you for listening to our new single “Bad News” (now available at link below and all digital stores!). New SOJA album coming soon… and we’ve got a lot to say.